Wenfuse, the exclusive Product and Registered Trademark of Wendell Services, is a fusible film that is sewn and fused into jean belt loops which completely eliminates the fraying of belt loops which typically occurs after various harsh washings, including, acid, stone, enzyme, golf ball and garment dye washes. In fact Fraying of Belt Loops occur even before washing. Wenfuse provides the added confidence of enhanced quality standards and rack appeal of your garments at the retails stores, while providing the cost benefit of no hand cutting or trimming .

Available in Various Mil Thickness 2, 3, 4 and 5
Available in Various Widths 1/2”- 2”

Wenfuse Processing Machines

Wendell Services has developed 2 different unique fusing machines to process our Wenfuse at high speed, and efficient methods. These machines are available for sale or on a “usage free” basis, based on the customer’s usage rates and long term commitments. Speeds vary based on Denim weight and type but manufactures can expect speeds in excess of 160 feet per minute.

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