About Us

Forged from over 4 generations of knowledge and expertise in Fusible Interfacing ranging from nonwovens, knitted, woven’s, and specialized fusible, our family traditions have evolved from the 1800’s in New York City and has expanded through-out the globe in the last 120 years. Consistently striving to bring state-of-the-art product and logistical expertise has been a cornerstone of success. We have understood for years that local processing, cutting, and converting of our items with Just in Time delivery is a corner stone of our customer success and we understand we are a part of your everyday production needs.

Our vision continues and grows each year with logistical expansion. In the last years we have expanded to Asia, China and HK and added to distribution to most Pacific Rim Countries as well to every country in Central America. Even today we forge ahead and are the first to provide a presence in Haiti where the harsh factors of reality of doing business exist, yet we have the foresight to understand this is a true haven for our current and future customers in garment production.

Completing our innovation and allowing our customer to be able to take advantage of a highly leverage relationship, we have incorporated in our family State Narrow Fabrics to include direct source elastic, in all colors, styles and qualities. Again providing the unique advantage of one source logistic with direct access to manufacturers and the expertise that State Narrow brings with them to our family.

Innovative Concepts, Exceptional Quality

Placing over 110 years of experience within our group of manufacturing and global logistics, Wendell Textiles and Wendell Services continues to bring the highest quality fusible interlining and interfacing to the market place. Consistently providing state of the art product development, innovative concepts, and cutting edge global logistics support allows us to reach all corners of the earth with the same quality standards worldwide.

Located in Over 40 Countries

Our highly sophisticated sales staff with each over 20 years of experience works directly with production and designers to ensure customer designs are further enhanced by the specific interlining choices. Our world wide logistic team working within and out of free zones, managing legal import and export documentation, and regulations will provide just in time delivery in over 40 countries in the world.